Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Fish catch advice

New scientific assessment of important Scottish stocks.

Some of Scotland’s most valuable fish stocks, Mackerel and Blue Whiting, appear to be at relatively healthy levels, according to the latest scientific advice published. However, the new guidance has recommended that catches in 2015 should be reduced in line with internationally agreed management plans to safeguard the long-term future of stocks.

New scientific advice is published each year by the International Council for the Exploration of the Seas (ICES) – an international network of marine and fisheries scientists – and helps to inform the fisheries negotiations that take place in the autumn each year to determine how much quota our fishermen will receive in the coming year. Read more...

Rutgers aquaculture center churning out baby horseshoe crabs vital to shorebirds, drug firms

Six thousand baby horseshoe crabs are making their way in the waters near Cape May this weekend, thanks to a Rutgers University center that grows and releases them into the wild. The New Jersey Aquaculture Innovation Center released the hatchlings, each tinier than a child’s fingernail, into the Cape May Canal. The center has released 250,000 of the young crabs over the past two years.

“I like to consider this a Head Start program for horseshoe crabs,” said Mike DeLuca, senior associate director of the Rutgers Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences. “There is a 90 percent mortality rate for these crabs once they get into the wild. The crabs lay millions of eggs, but not many survive to become adult crabs.” Read more...

Former WWF aquaculture director inspires BC salmon producers at AGM

At the BC Salmon Farmers Association Annual General Meeting, Jose Villalon spoke about how salmon farms are an important part of feeding the future.

Villalon was the World Wildlife Fund‘s aquaculture director until recently. While with the WWF, he helped establish the Salmon Aquaculture Dialogues, which resulted in the creation of the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC). Read more...

High Liner Foods Lends Support To New Bedford Fishing Community Fund

United Way of Greater New Bedford, Massachusetts Fisherman’s Partnership and High Liner Foods have teamed up to provide short-term emergency aid for individuals and families relying on fishing or the seafood industry for their livelihood. The fund is modeled after a similar fund that High Liner Foods helps to support in the Gloucester area.

United Way of Greater New Bedford is the fiscal partner receiving and acknowledging donations as well as making payments for approved expenditures. The New Bedford office for the Massachusetts Fisherman’s Partnership will process applications for help and a three person committee from the community will review applications for funding. Read more...

Rising Seafood Consumption Spurs Growth In The Global Aquaculture & Fisheries Market

San Jose, California –  Globally, demand for seafood has been growing, resulting in overexploitation of natural resources and production stagnation from captured fisheries. To curb overfishing and protect the biodiversity of natural resources, governments across the world are implementing regulations placing limits on capture fisheries.

With seafood production struggling to keep pace with rising consumption, there is increased interest in aquaculture and fish farming as a means to bridge the widening gap between demand and supply by supplementing the output of capture fisheriesRead more...

Merritt Properties Partners with NAFCO and Congressional Seafood to Build a $8.9M Seafood Distribution Facility in Jessup

Merritt Properties and NAFCO and Congressional Seafood Company have joined forces to construct a new seafood distribution facility in Jessup. The 88,000-square-foot building will serve as NAFCO and Congressional’s new headquarters.

The US$8.9 (€7.07) million project is scheduled to be finished by February 2015 and allows for an 18,000-square-foot future expansion. It will be developed by Merritt Construction Services, a division of Merritt Properties, on 5.5 acres at 7775 S. Read more...

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Seafood in Schools at Fortrose Academy

SEAFOOD Scotland is taking its acclaimed Seafood in Schools project to Fortrose Academy next week, where more than 280 pupils will learn about where seafood comes from, how it gets to their plates, and why it is important to eat as part of a healthy diet.

Pupils from the Academy will be joined by Primary 6 and 7 pupils from Avoch, Cromarty, Culbokie, Munlochy, North Kessock, Resolis and Tore Schools, with the costs of transport paid for by the Seafood in Schools project. Read more...